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Hire of SoundEar 3 Noise Warning Sign with Data Logging

data logging noise warning sign hire

The SoundEar 3 is a data logging Noise Warning Sign that can be mounted on a wall or other vertical surface using a single screw or hook. The trigger sound level is set using the software or buttons on the sign. The green, yellow and red lights can be set to warn people when the sound levels are getting high or already too high. The noise measurements can be downloaded to a Windows computer and reports generated using the SoundEar software that is included.


  • Entertainment venues, marquees and music festivals
  • Open plan offices
  • Hospital and neonatal units

Main Features

  • Adjustable level from 40 to 115 dB(A) in 1dB steps
  • Green, yellow, red light noise warning system
  • Download measurements and generate noise reports

Hire Kit Includes

  • SoundEar 3 Data Logging Noise Warning Sign
  • Windows software
Hire Period:


The SoundEar 3 has a dark gloss finish, making it ideal for use where appearance is important, such as entertainment venues, libraries, hospitals and schools. It mounts on the wall and lights up when the sound levels are too high. The "noise" can be from any source: loud music, machinery, talking, shouting.

Noise Limits

The sound level trigger levels can be set using the software. The lights can be set to light up or flash when the sound levels are high, and can have different settings for day or night. Basic adjustments can also be made using controls on the noise sign itself.

SoundEar 3 Noise Sign Applications

The SoundEar 3 is suitable for any indoor area where people need to be warned about high noise levels or reminded to keep the noise down.

  • Hospital corridors and treatment rooms
  • Entertainment venues
  • Temporary venues:
  • Marquees and tents
  • Music festivals
  • Schools and colleges


After download to the computer, noise charts can be produced clearly showing the changes in sound level over time.

music noise warning

Setting Up

1. Set the sound trigger levels (see below).

2. Hang the sign on a single screw on the wall.

3. Connect the power.

Setting Trigger Levels

There are three ways to set up the trigger levels for the SoundEar 3 noise warning sign.

  • Connect the sign to a computer's USB port and use the software
  • Save the settings to a USB stick and plug it into the sign
  • Using the controls on the sign (limited configuration)
setting the noise sign up


Frequency Range20Hz to 20kHz
Measuring Range30 to 120 dB
Deviation± 0.5 dB
Frequency Weighting"A" ("C" weighted Peak)
Time WeightingFast and Slow
Digital DisplaydB(A) Slow, LAeq15, Alarm settings, Clock
Outputs"A" weighted, 0-10V or 4-20mA
USB Ports1. Micro USB (power and PC connection)
2. USB Controller (for USB memory stick connection)
Internal Memory16MB (128MBit) - 600 days depending on settings
Easily extended using memory stick
CabinetShockproof acrylic
Dimensions265 x 205 x 46 mm, 10.4" x 8" x 1.8"
Weight1.5 kg, 3.3 lb
Power5 VDC (micro USB) or 24 VDC (screw terminal)
Max 2.5W
Acoustic StandardsIEC61672-2-2002 Class 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2
soundear 3 noise sign dimensions