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Noise at Work Measurement

The EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive, which covers Noise at Work, states the type and grade of sound level meter that should be used and the measurements that should be taken. The noise meters and dosimeters shown on this page meet the requirements of the Directive and local guidelines for Ireland. More information about the EU Directive

Lower Cost Meter?

The EU regulations define the equipment needed to carry out a noise at work risk assessment and this rules out the use of a lower cost basic sound level meter. You need a calibrated Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter and you also need a Sound Level Calibrator. The meter we recommend above is the most cost effective option for noise at work assessments.

Noise at Work Calculators

Free web applications to calculate worker noise exposure and for checking the performance of hearing protectors.

Range of Sound Level Meters

If you have applications other than noise at work then we have a large range of meters to satisfy. Maybe you need to measure environmental noise too, in which case a Class 1 sound level meter would be more suitable. Please visit our Catalogue for a full list of the meters we offer.

Sound Level Meter Catalogue - Noise Dosimeter Catalogue

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