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Noise in Hospitals and Neonatal Units

We have a range of warning signs for use in hospitals and neonatal units / NICU. For longer term monitoring of noise trends, a data logging sign can download to a computer, or even be linked in to an existing monitoring or process control system. A hand-held sound level meter can be used to make quick checks of noise within the hospital and can be useful when setting up warning signs. A free hand-held sound level meter is included with most of the SoundEar Multi-Packs. See the product pages for more details.

Noise Warning Signs

The SoundEar range of noise warning signs are designed to give a very clear message to staff and visitors, clearly indicating that the noise levels are important and are being monitored. If people are too noisy then the yellow followed by red traffic light system lets them know.

Noise warning signs SoundEar 2, which lights up when the sound levels are high, and the SoundEar 3, which adds data logging, are the most popular products for use in the hospital environment.

Hospital Noise

Unnecessary noise is the most cruel abuse of care which can be inflicted on either the sick or the well. Florence Nightingale, 1859.

These noise warning signs are in use in many hospitals around the world, particularly in the USA and the UK. As a result of very careful design, the message to anybody making noise is very clear. Mounted within wards, most commonly near the nurse stations, unit entrances and outside patient rooms, they give a constant and clear reminder that the noise should be kept to a minimum.