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Outdoor Noise Measurement

outdoor noise measurement kit

Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit

Weather Protection

Most hand-held sound level meters offer very little protection against poor weather. Rather than mounting the meter on a tripod for longer term measurement, the usual approach is to fit the meter inside a weatherproof case and connect it to an Outdoor Microphone.

We have a number of kits available, the most popular being the WPK-633A1, which contains the CEL633 Environmental Sound Level meter. All kits offer the following:

  • Weatherproof case for the sound level meter
  • Weather protection for the microphone
  • Heavy duty tripod
  • Rechargeable battery for 7+ days operation

The sound level meter can be removed from the case for hand-held measurements. When used in the case, it connects to the Outdoor Microphone using the extension cable. All of the kits include a tripod for mounting the mic.

The most suitable kit depends on how you intend to use it and the acoustic measurements you need to make. For more details of each kit please visit the CEL Outdoor Kit, Heavy Duty and Lightweight pages.

In general, the CEL Outdoor Kit has the highest specification meter and is available for most environmental noise measurement applications, including factory boundary noise, BS4142 and other community noise assessments.

The Heavy Duty and Lightweight kits use the Pulsar range of sound level meters. The Heavy Duty version is designed for use for up to a week in very poor weather conditions, with the Lightweight intended for a few days in poor conditions.

Standard Outdoor Kits

Order Code Meter
WPK-633A1 CEL633A1 Type 1 Outdoor Noise Kit with advanced data logging meter. More...
WPK-633C1 CEL633C1 Type 1 Outdoor Noise Kit with real-time 1/3 octave band filters. More...
WPKL-P91 Pulsar 91 Type 1 Lightweight Outdoor Kit for short term monitoring. More...
WPKH-P91 Pulsar 91 Type 1 Heavy Duty Kit for very poor weather conditions. More...

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